VitaStress Original Formula horse supplement


Vita Stress Promotes

  • Sheen of coat 
  • General animation  
  • Performance under stress
  • Soundness in racehorses
  • Healthier hooves
  • Faster speeds
  • Resistance to parasitic infestation
  • Control of hypertension
  • Healthier foals at birth
  • Better conception rates
  • The general appearance of the horse   
  • Resistance to bleeding
  • Blood Count    
  • Clearness in eyes
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Vita Stress is the best-balanced horse supplement of all!

VITA STRESS Original Formula horse supplements contain all 10 major amino acids plus four more. And, what is very important for horse owners, the amino acids are nutritionally balanced at high enough levels to enhance any feeding program.

Proteins are the primary constituents of the structural and protective tissues: bones, ligaments, hair, hooves, skin, organs, and muscles.

Proteins should be fed at the same time as vitamins and minerals are fed. This enables the three groups to be digested together, enabling each nutrient to respond to the chemical reaction of the others.  Without all 10 of the major amino acids in your horse supplement, your horse is not getting optimum results from the expensive vitamins and minerals you are providing. VITA STRESS is nutritionally balanced with all three—vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

A deficiency of protein in the ration of the horse may result in the following deficiency symptoms: depressed appetite, poor growth, loss of weight, reduced milk production, irregular estrus, lowered foal crops, loss of condition, and lack of stamina.

Since the vast majority of protein requirements given in feeding standards are on a minimum basis—the allowances for race, show, breeding, and young horses should be higher.

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